Aptica completes the integration of Xirio Corporate as the radio links calculation tool and inventory for Telefonica de España

APTICA has successfully completed the integration of its radio network planning tool XIRIO in TELEFÓNICA de España, oriented to design and optimization of the operator’s nationwide radio links network in the fixed service. At the end of 2015, and immersed in an important project of development of its backhaul network, TELEFONICA chose to work... Read more >>

Orange trust in Aptica to generate coverage maps for their mobile networks

ORANGE SPAIN awarded to APTICA a Contract to provide calculating service of the radio coverage and simulations of their mobile networks in all technologies deployed by the operator in Spain: 2G, 3G, 4G and 4G+. APTICA will provide a continuously updating service of coverage calculation network for the operator, updating the coverage figures in... Read more >>

Eurona signs agreement with Aptica to speed up planning deployment

EURONA, telecom operator offers Internet access and voice, oriented to provide connectivity to markets for “last mile” with deployments in Spain, UK, Ireland, Italy and Portugal, and in order to optimize the processes of analysis, design and deployment of EURONA network with the best quality for the end user, and in achievement to... Read more >>

Aptica in MWC 2016

APTICA has been present in the MWC again where the company has developed an intense activity and made contacts with the leading providers of global connectivity markets, services and value-added applications, as well as with manufacturers, operators and customers who demands them. APTICA develops innovative solutions for the design of 4G and 4G +... Read more >>

Agreement between Neutra and Aptica for designing new deployments of neutra’s 4G-LTE nationwide network with art tools and 3D urban mapping of Spain

NEUTRA NETWORK SERVICES, neutral operator of wireless communications and pioneer in the introduction of LTE technology in the 3.5 GHz band, and APTICA, specialist in products and services for the design and optimization of wireless networks, have reached an agreement toe use design tools developed by APTICA on new extensions of coverage for... Read more >>

Aptica accompanies the Ermua City Council to receive @ Aslan award in the category of Local Administration – Infrastructure to the project Fibermua

FIBERMUA, the neutral FTTH network deployed around the town of Ermua by the public company of the Ermua City Council PROMOSA, has been awarded by the Association @asLAN in the VI Awards Call for Public Administrations and Organizations as Finalist Success Story in the category of Local Administration – Infrastructure. The award was received... Read more >>