The main engineering and consultancy companies use XIRIO CORPORATE for the design of the ORANGE’s new network deployments

As a continuous process of improving its mobile network, ORANGE SPAIN has several ongoing projects to deploy new stations at a national level. These projects involve new deployments, modifications and network extensions in rural and urban areas. In all of them, detailed designs are needed to ensure the best performance in the future network. The... Read more >>

ISDEFE has awarded a contract to APTICA for the Technical Project Analysis of in the field of Mobile Radiocommunications Services

With this contract, APTICA will provide ISDEFE with the analysis service of technical projects in the different deployments of mobile base stations carried out by electronic communications operators. This understanding is part of the initial request ordered by the Secretary of State for Digital Progress (SECRETARÍA DE ESTADO PARA EL AVANCE... Read more >>

The Basque Government contracts Sirenet for its emergency network

The Security Department of the Basque Government has recently acquired a license to use Sirenet for managing and planning its emergency network. This digital network of mobile radio is based on TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) technology and serves users of the municipal and industrial emergency networks, Ertzaintza, fire and emergency services,... Read more >>

ORANGE SPAIN trusts APTICA to design their 5G Mobile Networks

ORANGE SPAIN keeps trusting APTICA the calculating services, simulations of radio coverage and designs of their 5G mobile networks in Spain. In the same way, APTICA has been doing simulations of radio coverage in all technologies (2G, 3G, 4G, 4G+ and LTE-M) deployed by the operator in Spain for the last few years. APTICA provides the current... Read more >>

APTICA provides 3D urban cartography models for VODAFONE ESPAÑA

The Wireless technologies evolution, specially with 5G arriving, makes network design more important for mobile operators. Thus, there is a special need for accurate tools and mapping models. VODAFONE SPAIN is involved in an important nationwide 5G deployment. It has started in the main Spanish cities and it will evolve towards other less... Read more >>

Agreement for members of the COITT to access Xirio-Online

The Spanish official professional body of technical engineers in telecommunications (COITT, Colegio Oficial de Ingenieros Técnicos de Telecomunicación in Spanish) works toward making the Technical Engineer in Telecommunication become the reference profession for the inclusion and design of new radioelectric networks. Within this strategic... Read more >>

5G Network Design with APTICA tools

APTICA ended the development and integration with its commercial application XIRIO ONLINE of an advanced tool for the simulation of 5G networks in all its application environments. With this application, operators and engineering companies around the world can carry out 5G network designs with the highest precision and for all types of final... Read more >>