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Join APTICA at MWC Barcelona 2024

In the ever-evolving realm of telecommunications, the significance of meticulous design and planning has never been more crucial. With the advent of cutting-edge wireless technologies, the role of radio planning has become pivotal in steering the 5G evolution, orchestrating private network deployments, and contributing to the ever-expanding IoT... Read more >>

APTICA reinforces its commitment to research and development by being a beneficiary of the call for grants for research and development projects in artificial intelligence

The ACOPIAIA-Puertos 4.0 project (Algorithm for the Characterization, Optimization and Prediction of Environmental Impact based on Artificial Intelligence in Ports 4.0) presented by APTICA, has been a beneficiary, by Red.es, of the 2021 call for aid for projects research and development in artificial intelligence and other digital technologies... Read more >>

Creating a fully communicated world!

Nowadays, communication technologies keep evolving, reducing distances and making easy people to communicate with each other. However, still important challenges to have a fully communicated world. Table of contents: 1.- Reducing economic gaps 2.- Developing sustainable telecommunication technologies. 3.- Encourage a more tolerant and... Read more >>

The digital divide, sustainability and wireless technology.

Human society faces important challenges to overcome every day and one of them is to overcome the digital divide that means the constant evolution of technology and how it reaches different countries around the world. This gap directly impacts wireless technology, but there is the possibility of reducing it and, in addition, gaining other... Read more >>


XIRIO ONLINE has redesigned its HOME and navigation pages to provide a modern and improved user interface. The new user experience design is fully responsive and works seamlessly across all devices and browsers. Improves screen reader support, provides innovative layouts and a more ordered and structured distribution. The navigation menus have... Read more >>

APTICA announces the integration of SYNAPSE, one of the most robust, accurate and reliable radio wave propagation model for 5G Networks, with its RF Planning Saas Platform, XIRIO ONLINE

APTICA ha completado la integración del modelo de propagación de RF, SYNAPSE, en su plataforma de diseño y planificación de redes inalámbricas, XIRIO ONLINE. SYNAPSE, ha sido desarrollado por el centro I+D de Orange en Belfort (Francia). El operador Orange lleva más de 20 años evolucionando su innovador modelo de propagación, actualmente... Read more >>

Training in 5G technology with Xirio-Online

In January and February Aptica coordinated and participated in carrying out two online courses for the development of faculty members and centered in the design and planning of 5G networks. These courses belong to the National Plan for Jobs 2021 of the National Reference Centre of Software Development and Communications (Getafe). The courses... Read more >>

APTICA participates in project INMERBOT – Investigation in immersive and sensory technologies in collaborative industrial environments of robotic inspection

APTICA leads several lines of work in this project focused on research into 5G communication systems and interoperability techniques in industry 4.0 The target of the activities developed by APTICA will be the creation of a wireless communications system for a high-density multi-actor environment (swarms of robots and logic modules in... Read more >>