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Digital mapping

One of the essential elements for radio network planning and simulation is a reliable high quality digital mapping.

Aptica provides 2D and 3D cartography for both rural and urban environments, anywhere in the world and in the most common raster and vector formats.

Digital mapping

Aptica also makes available to its clients a team of professionals with extensive experience in GIS and digital mapping systems with which it is always possible to provide a solution to their needs.


Aptica can provide all kinds of mapping data globally, although it has great expertise in digital mapping designed for radio planning through software tools.

In this area, the type of mapping information most commonly provided is:

  • Terrain Models (DTM). Heights from the ground compared to sea level.
  • Elevation Models (DEM). Terrain model that includes the height of buildings in urban areas.
  • Land use. Information about the use made of the land in each geographical area (rural, vegetation, dense urban, urban residential, etc.).
  • Administrative. Information on the administrative unit to which each geographic point belongs. Urban area, county, region, country, etc.
  • Traffic and demographics. Users or population distribution in a geographic area.
  • Geomarketing models. Ad-hoc cartographic models containing demand distribution, customers, interest points or any other of georeferenced information.

Having this information allows the network planner to make simulations of the behaviour of radio signals with greater accuracy and obtain statistics of surface and users covered by the service.


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