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Measurements and certifications

Performance evaluation of radio networks requires in many cases the execution of field measurements to assess the quality of the service. These measurements in different technologies require the availability of equipment and specific pro­ce­du­res.

Aptica has the capacity and experience to provide the best service in all kinds of measures:

Coverage and quality service

Practical checking of estimated signal level and quality at customer´s site, route (drive-test) or target area coverage.

  • Radio propagation measures. Calibration of theoretical methods, evaluation of the propagation medium and effects of diffraction, reflection, insight, etc.
  • Measures of coverage and quality of service. Practical checking of estimated signal level in the customer’s site or target area coverage.
  • Benchmarking. Measurement and comparison of service provided by different operators.

Electromagnetic compatibility (CEM)

Identification of emissions, interference detection and incompatibilities between systems. Checking emission levels within legality. Aptica‘s activities in this area cover all the needs of measurement and cer­ti­fi­ca­tion:

  • Compatibility analysis. Analysis of signal degradation to unwanted effects: interference, spurious, intermodulation, etc.
  • Identification of illegal emissions. Identification and location of the source of emissions. Reports to report to the administration.
  • Certification of radio emissions. In compliance with the exposure limits established by the regulation on the protection of public radio domain. In particular, in the case of Spain, Aptica has the capacity and resources to carry out radio certifications both Phase 1 and Phase 2 as well as for generating the associated documentation.

Spectral occupation

Radio communications networks, regardless of the service which they are involved, make use of radio spectrum.

The implementation of a new wireless communication network or station implies the use of a zone of the radio spectrum whose previous occupation may need to check time to time, in route (drive-test) or zonal.

Engineering projects