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Who are we?


Aptica is a company dedicated to provide consulting and engineering services and to develop products for analysis, design, implementation, operation and monitoring of te­le­com­mu­ni­ca­tion networks.

Aptica provides innovative solutions with high added value to meet the challenge of implementing new technologies networks or making a technological change on them.

This capability is a matter of people and our big aim has been focused on the important experiences and references available, positioning the brand in order to enter into the market in a more objective way and, afterwards, using this capability to increase the costumer trustiness.

Aptica started its activities in January 2003, under the name Intelia Consultores and has been executing, mainly in Spain, projects for clients of great relevance in the te­le­com­mu­ni­ca­tions sector. In 2010, and based on a process of expansion and internationalization towards new markets, the company is renamed Aptica and starts commercial presence in South America and Central Europe.


Aptica is comprised of professionals with recognized experience in the sector, we have worked on multiple technical assistance projects for both public and private entities and we bring a high level of specialization and professionalism to the activities of each company for which we have worked with.

For us, the important thing are not the clients and the projects but the “people” behind it. We connect emotionally with them, offering personalized attention, aking our clients feel unique, adapting to their needs, identifying how they want to be treated. We involve ourselves personally in each project offering a great dedication and attention.

We respect the identity and characteristics of each organization, which make their difference in the market. Our aim is the maximum satisfaction of our clients, approaching on a personal and professional level, becoming “fellow travelers”.

The satisfactory communication with the client is one of our key factors to consolidate the relationship in the time that we work together. We provide companies the support they need to develop their projects.

In Aptica we have clients today, whom we hope to retain in the future.

Corporate indetity


In Aptica we are innovation, service and specialization in all the projects we develop, becoming our clients, in our priority and fundamental purpose, in order to provide the best solutions within the Information and Communications Technology sector, which best suit their needs, respecting their corporate identity and culture.


We would like to become a key reference in implementation projects or technological changes of any entity that requires communications networks, providing a differential value to the customers we work with. Our goal is that our customers recognize us for the quality and good service we offer.

We aspire to become one of the best companies to work “Great place to work”, where the workers are in a cosy and familiar environment, where they can develop their talent and abilities.


In Aptica we promote the following values in all areas of our activity:


The participation in projects and the continuous evolution of our products oblige us to maintain the best knowledge of the state of the art technologies.

Collaboration with manufacturers, integrators, operators, universities and research centers is a key element in proposing innovative solutions with high added value.


We maintain an excellent relationship and, at the same time, an absolute independence regarding manufacturers and integrators, looking for the personalized solution that best suits each project. We prescribe, design and develop applications customised to the specific needs of our customers.


We offer customer support in those areas where the costumer do not have the means or require a high degree of specialization. Our professionals have recognized experience in the sector and we constantly improve with a significant investment in R & D & I.

The specialization in analysis of technologies vs needs of the organizations is one of the key factors of our differentiation.

Personalised service

Our priority is to help our clients manage the processes of implementation, improvement, innovation or technological change, in a way consistent with their business development needs. The relationship with our customers is based on trust between people, born fundamentally of our ability to understand the end customer’s goals at all levels.


Aptica is committed to the quality and sustainable development of the projects and works we carry out, to guarantee the maximum satisfaction of our customers and respect for the environment and sustainability.

Aptica has a Quality Management System based on the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 standard. The company is committed to complying and communicating, the following values and commitments:

  1. Continuously improve the efficiency of processes through the Quality Management System of the organization and its control.
  2. Aptica focuses on continuous improvement, updating our internal processes and good practices codes, increasing the quality of our projects and the expectations of our customers.
  3. Comply with all our client requirements, legal and regulatory obligations, and those established internally.
  4. Promote a culture in the organization that allows us to anticipate the needs of our clients, with the aim of exceeding their expectations.
  5. Encourage the participation of workers, as well as their personal and professional development.

Quality is a commitment and responsibility of all Aptica staff and actively participate in the maintenance and continuous improvement of our Quality Management System.

The Management is committed to have the human and material resources necessary to meet the requirements of the activities that are developed, the objectives and continuously improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System. This quality policy is reviewed annually for its suitability to the organizational context and strategic direction. It is transmitted and is available to all relevant stakeholders.